"Bring the outdoors; indoors"

Plantashelf is the first modular shelving system that allows us to grow our own wall garden indoors.

It's unique design, allows us to configure new spaces and grow different combination of plants from the commodity of our houses, cleansening the air and bringing a touch of greenery to our environment.

Improve your surroundings by simpy hanging it in a well illuminated wall; add soil, seeds and water, and watch it grow!


"All the benefits of a garden at home"

By combining minimal design and green life, we bring you a product suitable for every environment without the hassle of a traditional garden.

It's modular system allows us to flip it and arrange it in different combinations all along the wall while it's translucent front will grant you a view of your plant's growth and water dosage from the very first sprout.

Forget about the lack of time or space. Plantashelf will keep your spaces tidy and your plants always green!


Simple but strong!

It's minimal design and inner structure makes it incredebily lightweight and resilient making it easy to move around and support heavy weights.

A natural purifier

Each unit filters a considerable amount nocious gases from our environment. This combined to it's modular system allows you to enjoy the benefits of a whole garden indoors.

No batteries required

Other products might require the use of complex apps to monitor your plants or power sources to plug them in. With Plantashelf we prefer to make the process more natural. Just hang and grow!


"Combine elegance and simplicity in one space"

Plantashelf units are made of resilient and lightweight ABS with a minimal design and irregular silhouette that brings a breeze of fresh air and greenery into our houses.

Each unit is composed of two planters each side which are designed to be easy to use, clean and replace when needed, being able to grow inside from colourful flowers to hanging ivy or even some small vegetables.

The planters also include a drainage system which drains any water left into an underneath cubicle, working at the same time as a secondary water deposit. When this one is full, by simply lifting one of the front glass panels and putting a container underneath, you can easily pour any water left in it.


Plantashelf installation couldn't be simpler; two concealed fixings allow the user to hang it in any surface.

Once the first one is in place, you can configure the rest by just simply sliding them side by side or combining them independently.

Make each space more lively, colourful and unique with Plantashelf!

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